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Induction Scalpel Sterilizer

Induction Scalpel Sterilizer

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Our induction steriliser heats up the tips of your carbon steel tools to quickly sterilise without the need for a flame. The foot pedal frees up your hands and the multi tool storage rack provides a convenient place to store your tools. The perfect companion to one of our flow hoods.

1. Chemical resistant PETG. Cleaning products will not damage the plastic.
2. Heat resistant, borosilicate glass shield protects the coil from accidental strikes, while maintaining visibility of the tool. Can also be removed for cleaning.
3. Foot pedal control.
4. High quality, name brand power supply. Meets international safety standards. (**IEC CABLE NOT PROVIDED** YOU MUST SOURCE A "C13 IEC CABLE")
5. No sensitive electronics used in the construction.
6. 4 tool storage rack.
7. Quality US made scalpel with 5 spare blades.
8. Compatible tweezers.
9. Manual reset thermal switch.

Critical safety features include thermal and overcurrent protection.

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