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X-Large Flow Hood - 500x410mm - 20"x16" - H14 HEPA

X-Large Flow Hood - 500x410mm - 20"x16" - H14 HEPA

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Designed for Mycology, this is the perfect solution for armature mycologists looking to enhance their experience in the hobby. Just the right size do do all the jobs you need without being to big.

  1. Thick 2" H14 HEPA filter, 10 second toolless filter change.
  2. Made out of chemical resistant PETG. The use of Isopropyl alcohol and other cleaning agents are not an issue.
  3. Washable Fan Pre Filter to extend the life of the HEPA filter.
  4. Acrylic shield to keep the nasties out.
  5. LED work light.
  6. On/off switch.
  7. Built in speed controller.
  8. Rack to raise your samples 75mm to ensure cleanest airflow.
  9. Optional guard to protect the HEPA filter from dirt or damage when not in use. Simply clips on and off.

Unboxing and setup can be found at

How we design our hoods

Check out the care and love we put into designing our hoods by clicking the link below

How we design our hoods


It is recommended that the filter must be changed when the colour changes from white to grey / dark grey.

It is estimated that a filter should last between 6-12 months, but greatly depends on usage and environmental conditions.

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